local p = {}
function p.test(frame)
    local lin = {}
    for k,v in pairs(frame) do
        table.insert(lin, k..' ('.. type(v) ..') = ' .. tostring(v))
    table.insert(lin, '<br/>')
    table.insert(lin, 'frame = '..frame:preprocess('{{FULLPAGENAME}}'))
    table.insert(lin, 'parent = '..frame:getParent():preprocess('{{FULLPAGENAME}}'))
    table.insert(lin, 'current = ''{{FULLPAGENAME}}'))
    return table.concat(lin, '<br />')
function p.test2(frame)
    local a, b
    a = frame:preprocess('{{FULLPAGENAME}}')
    b = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().prefixedText
    return a .. '/' .. b
return p

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